Frequently Asked Questions

Usage and care of the “Acupressure Octopus”

1. How many types of “Acupressure Octopus”?

There are three different “Acupressure Octopus” available:

  • For the lumbosacral zone,
  • High for the lumbar zone,
  • For the thoracic-shoulder zone.

2. What sizes and colors of the “Acupressure Octopus” are available?

  • Lumbosacral is available in seven sizes from XS to XXXL;
  • High Lumbar “Acupressure Octopus” exist for persons height below 170 cm and above 170 cm and is available in seven sizes from XS to XXXL;
  • The Thoracic-shoulder “Acupressure Octopus” is available in five sizes from S to XXL.

Each product is available in two colors – black and beige.

3. What’s included in the purchase?

Back brace “Acupressure Octopus” for back health improving and bag for storage and washing.

4. What health problems can Dr. Merten’s Back Braces solve?

The application of the ‘Acupressure Octopus’ is wide and suitable for everyone. It is designed for daily use to effectively reduce back pain. The ‘Acupressure Octopus’ serves as an excellent support for individuals with stressed backs, whether they are working in an office, driving a car, engaged in outdoor labor, construction work, or participating in sports. It is also beneficial for women experiencing back tension after childbirth and for relieving muscle tension following strenuous physical activity. Additionally, the ‘Acupressure Octopus’ is intended for rehabilitation after back injuries or surgeries, with the aim of promoting a faster and more successful restoration of physical well-being, mobility, and proper spine alignment.

5. What sets the “Acupressure Octopus” apart from other back braces?

The ‘Acupressure Octopus’ boasts several distinctive features:

  • It does not rely on electrical elements for massage. Instead, its primary principle is based on the biomechanics of the human body. As the body moves, the slings are tensioned and loosened, causing them to act on the massage elements located on the back muscles, creating gentle therapeutic movements. These movements effectively massage the muscles, enhancing blood flow and relieving tension, all while providing consistent support for the spine.
  • The brace is specially designed to stretch in specific directions, allowing for unrestricted body movement and preserving muscle performance and strength.
  • The unique design of the ‘Acupressure Octopus’ fasteners secures the brace both under and above the abdominal area without exerting pressure on internal organs.

6. How soon can I expect results from Acupressure Octopus?

Users often notice the first changes within the first few hours of using the ‘Acupressure Octopus,’ but for long-term effects, it is recommended to use it regularly. Initially, you may experience slight discomfort because your body is adjusting to the correct back position. However, with continued use, you will start to experience more favorable results. A more lasting effect can typically be observed after two weeks of regular use. Clients who previously relied on pain medications regularly have reported that their back pain decreases after using the ‘Acupressure Octopus’ for two weeks.

7. How long can the ‘Acupressure Octopus’ be used?

The ‘Acupressure Octopus’ can be used regularly and for the long term. In the first few days, it is recommended to wear the back brace for no more than two hours without interruption. You can use it several times a day, ensuring at least a two-hour break between uses. If using it doesn’t cause discomfort, users can increase the continuous usage time according to their individual sensations.”

8. Do Dr. Mertens Back braces cause weakening back muscles?

Muscle weakening occurs if the spine does not move, and therefore the muscles atrophy. The design of the “Acupressure Octopus” is designed in such a way as not to restrict movement, maintaining range of motion. The brace is made of elastic fabric with rigid elements in the right places, and built-in acupressure elements improve blood microcirculation and do not atrophy muscles. This is one of the most effective ways to improve muscle tone and live without back pain.

9. Is it possible to use the “Acupressure octopus” during therapeutic exercises?

“Acupressure octopus” is made of elastic materials that do not restrict movement and do not interfere with the exercise. The materials used are breathable and do not irritate the skin even during long exercise sessions. The main thing is to avoid sharp and excessively strong pressing of elements against the back, for example on a hard floor, so as not to injure the tissue. Thus, “Acupressure Octopus” increases the effectiveness of therapeutic exercises.

10. Why is it recommended to use “Acupressure Octopus” after heavy exercise in sports?

After heavy exercise, lactic acid appears in the muscles. The blood circulation cannot flush it out, so lactic acid builds up and irritates the nerve endings, causing muscle pain. The massage elements of the “Acupressure Octopus” release tense muscles and improve blood microcirculation, helping to quickly remove lactic acid from the muscles and effectively reducing muscle pain.

11. Can the “Acupressure Octopus” help with a herniated disc?

The ‘Acupressure Octopus’ can assist with herniated or protruded discs, especially in cases where surgical intervention is not required. Its acupressure elements target deep back muscles, reducing muscle tension, alleviating back pain, and improving muscle function. If you have any doubts about the health of your spine, consult your doctor before using a back brace.

12. Is it possible to lift weights while using the “Acupressure Octopus”?

The ‘Acupressure Octopus’ is not designed for heavy lifting applications that require special stabilization belt. It is suitable for moderate weight lifting over extended periods or for tasks that involve bending the back, such as gardening. Additionally, it can be used after strenuous activities to relieve tension in the back muscles and enhance blood circulation, helping to eliminate accumulated lactic acid.

13. Can the “Acupressure Octopus” be shared with others?

The ‘Acupressure Octopus’ is intended for individual use, and for reasons of personal hygiene, sharing with others is not recommended.

14. Is the “Acupressure Octopus” washable?

Yes, the ‘Acupressure Octopus’ can be safely washed, and it is machine washable. Ensure that you fasten all the fasteners and place the product in a fabric bag for storage and washing. Care instructions are provided on the tag attached to the ‘Storage and Wash’ bag. After washing, remove the ‘Acupressure Octopus’ from the bag and allow it to dry.

Warranty and delivery

1. What payment methods are accepted?

Payment can be made through various methods, including bank transfer, credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard), bank account connection (Citadele, Swedbank, SEB, Luminor), PayPal, and installment payments using the ‘KLIX Pay later’ payment system.

2. How will I know if my payment is approved?

You will receive a payment confirmation email at the address you provided during the order. This typically takes only a few minutes. If you haven’t received a confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us using your preferred method. Our contact information can be found here.

3. Is it possible to pay for goods in installments?

Yes, you can choose to pay for the order in installments, dividing the payments by the month. On the order page, select “Payment in installments” and, using the secure ‘KLIX Pay later’ payment system, choose the payment schedule that suits you best (for 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, or 36 months).

4. How can I receive my order?

Detailed information regarding delivery times and order costs will be provided during the ordering process. Within the Baltic countries, you have two options for receiving goods: courier delivery to the address you specified in the order or using one of the Omniva or DPD Pickup parcel machines.

5. Can I return the product?

You have the right to return the goods within 14 calendar days from the date of receiving them. To initiate a return, send us a refusal letter to the email address: You also have the option to test the effectiveness of the Acupressure Octopus for 21 days. If the back brace was used correctly but did not provide the expected results, we will refund your money. For more information about your rights and return options, please review the terms and conditions.