Why Dr. Mertens back braces
are so effective?

Different Principle

The corset maintains muscle performance and strength because of the carefully crafted material’s ability to stretch in specific directions without impeding movement.

The brace contains acupressure elements that improve blood microcirculation in the back muscles and balance muscle tone.

The massage’s components gently stimulate the nerve system, making it possible for you to more clearly feel the back’s lumbar region, where there is more muscle tension and where it is necessary to quickly change positions in order to relax the muscles.

The “Acupressure Octopus” closing mechanism is designed to avoid putting pressure on the internal organs of the abdomen.


The support elements for the correct curvature of the spine and the massage elements are located in four zones. The tightening mechanisms in each zone connect to each other and evenly distribute the pressure on the spine on both sides. This ensures that your back muscles are not loaded on one side only, preventing spinal imbalance.

The massage elements cover not only the paravertebral muscles or the muscles around the spine but also the lateral muscles, resulting in better muscle blood flow and higher therapeutic efficacy.

The technology used in the brace relieves tension in the back muscles, increases blood microcirculation and relieves back pain.

The brace helps to restore the correct posture by mechanically increasing the curvature of the back waist – for this purpose, the sides of the brace have a special mechanism, which, when tightened, allows you to apply the curvature of the lumbar region that is right for you.

If you use the brace several times during the day, then depending on the activities to be performed, the tension of the brace can be changed so that the movements are always comfortable and pleasant.

The brace has been made of high-quality materials, which ensures the long-term quality of the product.

Support and comfort

The stable brace support system ensures that the brace does not change the position in which you put it on. You will feel comfortable and free by selecting the tightening intensity that suits you best.

The acupressure brace adapts to any curvature of the body and even during intense movements, such as sports, the material fully occupies the required position.

The fabric of the brace is light and breathable and at the appropriately chosen tightening intensity, it will not cause any friction or body imprint.

Heat therapy

The massage elements of the brace increase the blood circulation in the body, thus creating a pleasant feeling of warmth during the movement. At the same time, the lightweight material of the brace ensures the very important air circulation without creating the sweating effect. The heat effect in the back area lasts longer even when the brace is taken off.

Bēša/melna jostas-krustu korsetes

We recommend obtaining Dr. Mertens back brace in the following cases:

92% of customers use the brace every day

The clients of Dr Mertens’ innovations brace state that the acupressure brace is worn every day. In addition, it is emphasized that the therapeutic effect of the brace was felt within a few hours.

For the best long-term results, wear Dr Mertens’ innovations brace every day for about 6-8 weeks.

For preventive back comfort, wear the brace even when you are not feeling back pain and muscle tension – wear the brace to relax and regain energy.

Jostas-krustu daļas korsete nesteidzīgām aktivitātēm

Relieves back pain

Tones muscles

Provides extra energy

Improves sleep quality

Improves posture

Improves blood circulation

Does not restrict movements

Brings joy

Get rid of back pain forever

Our customers confirm that using the brace regularly, back pain reduces or disappears totally.

Regular use of Dr. Mertens’ braces not only alleviates back pain, tones muscles, and enhances comfort but also minimizes doctor visits, saving you both time and money.

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