Dr Mertens’ innovations acupressure brace made in Latvia have been created applying a patented technology that relieves back pain, provides acupressure and restores the correct curvature of the lumbar spine.

Combining the latest solutions in the field of orthopaedics and many years of experience, the product has been created that adapts to today’s everyday dynamics – it is comfortable, light, individually adaptable, multifunctional and also visually attractive.

Patenteta korsete

Science Experience Result

Collage of Dr. Mertens checking quality


Ražošanas aprīkojums jostas daļas korsetei

Even though the market for orthopaedic products is quite large, it has not had the back orthoses available yet, which combine the relief of back pain, acupressure and recovery of the brace position of the curvature of the lumbar spine in one product. Now everyone has access to the unique Dr Mertens’ innovations acupressure brace.

One Dr Mertens’ innovations brace requires:

Each Dr Mertens’ innovations product is 100% handmade

Modern design and high quality

Elpojoši un elastīgi materiāli korsetēm
Breathable and flexible material
Ļoti izturīgi stiprinājumi korsetēm
Extremely durable fasteners and connections
Dr Mertens Innovation uzglabāšanas soma un korsete
Convenient bag for care and travel
Katras korsetes kvalitāte ir pārbaudīta vairākas reizes
High quality velcro fasteners