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The dynamic 6-zone acupressure corset “Acupressure Octopus” is intended for the area of ​​the lumbar spine and chest. Unlike the lumbar acupressure corset, which relieves pain in the lower part of the spine, the high lumbar corset is designed for pain that is localized in a wider area throughout the lower back with a transition to the chest. The corset has two additional acupressure zones to increase the amount of treatment and improve the therapeutic effect. Each zone of the corset is adjustable with its own tension intensity, adapting to the needs of the patient.

The dynamic 6-zone acupressure corset helps to relieve back pain, tones the back and side muscles, promotes the restoration of the correct curvature of the lumbar spine and improves the overall well-being of the body.

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The technology used in the dynamic 6 zone acupressure brace “Acupressure Octopus” relieves tension in the back muscles, increases blood microcirculation and prevents back pain.

The “Acupressure Octopus” dynamic brace helps to restore the correct posture by mechanically increasing the curvature of the back lumbar – for this purpose, the sides of the corset have a special mechanism, which, when tensioned, can be applied to the curvature of the lumbar part that suits you. The spinal brace has two additional acupressure zones unlike lumbosacral “Acupressure Octopus” to increase the amount of treatment and improve the therapeutic effect. For the brace, each zone is adjustable by its own tension intensity to suit the patient’s needs.

Recommended for daily use in the following cases:

• Prolonged low back pain.
• Tightness of the back muscles.
• Detected in sports or daily microtrauma.
• In rehabilitation after injuries indirectly related to spinal muscle imbalance.
• For prophylactic purposes, using a corset even when your back does not hurt, but muscle toning and general well-being are needed.

Customers of the Dr. Mertens’ Innovations state that the acupressure corset is worn every day. In addition, it is emphasized that the therapeutic effect of the corset was felt within a few hours.

For best results, wear the lumbar dynamic brace “Acupressure Octopus” for at least 2 hours every day for about 6-8 weeks.
For everyday back well-being, wear a brace proactively, even when you are not feeling back pain and muscle tension – wear a brace to relax and regain energy.
If you use the corset several times during the day, then depending on the activities to be performed, the tension of the corset can be changed so that the movements are always comfortable and pleasant.


The elements of support for the curvature of the lumbar spine are correct and the massage elements are located in six zones. The tensioning mechanisms in each zone connect to each other and evenly distribute the pressure on the spine on both sides and in the chest area. This way, your back muscles will not be loaded on only one side and there will be no spinal imbalance. The massage elements in the corset are arranged alternately, providing a higher acupressure effect. The massage elements cover not only the paravertebral muscles or the muscles around the spine, but also the lateral muscles. This results in better muscle bleeding and higher therapeutic efficacy.

83% of our customers confirm that using a corset regularly reduces or eliminates back pain. Regular and long-lasting wearing of the “Acupressure Octopus” corset will not only relieve back pain, tone your muscles and improve your well-being, but will also save you time and money by replacing other back pain relief treatments such as physiotherapy, massage therapy or painkillers.

When using Dr. Mertens’ Innovations, Acupressure Octopus for the first time, we recommend using the acupressure brace for no more than two hours if you wear it without interruption. You can also use an acupressure corset several times a day, with an interval of at least five hours between uses.

By learning about the positive properties of the brace, the duration of its continuous use can be extended according to individual indications. Also, when using the “Acupressure Octopus” for the first time, we recommend not to stretch the tensioning mechanisms, but gradually increase the tension over about two weeks, adjusting to the most appropriate stretching position of the fasteners.

Acupressure corset tensioning mechanisms allow you to choose an individual and pleasant tension intensity, thus controlling the interaction between the corset and the body.

You will get the best experience from using 6 zone dynamic acupressure brace on naked body or thin clothing.

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