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Acupressure Octopus – 4-zone dynamic acupressure corset of the lumbar sacrum, which helps reduce back pain, tones the back and side muscles, promotes the restoration of the correct curvature of the lumbar spine and improves the general well-being of the body.

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The technology used in the brace relieves tension in the back muscles, increases blood microcirculation and relieves back pain.

The Acupressure Octopus brace helps to restore the correct posture by mechanically increasing the curvature of the back waist – for this purpose, the sides of the brace have a special mechanism, which, when tightened, allows you to apply the curvature of the lumbar region that is right for you.

We recommend obtaining Dr Mertens’ innovations back lumbar brace in the following cases:

• Prolonged lower back pain.
• Back muscle tension.
• Sports or daily microtrauma detected.
• As part of rehabilitation after injuries indirectly related to dorsal lumbar muscle tone imbalance.
• For prophylactic purposes, using a corset even when the back does not hurt, but muscle toning and general body comfort are needed.

The clients of Dr Mertens’ innovations brace state that the acupressure brace is worn every day. In addition, it is emphasized that the therapeutic effect of the brace was felt within a few hours.

For the best long-term results, wear Dr Mertens’ innovations brace every day for about 6-8 weeks.

For preventive back comfort, wear the brace even when you are not feeling back pain and muscle tension – wear the brace to relax and regain energy.

If you use the brace several times during the day, then depending on the activities to be performed, the tension of the brace can be changed so that the movements are always comfortable and pleasant.

4 Z O N E S – I N D I V I D U A L    A D A P T A B I L I T Y

The support elements for the correct curvature of the lumbar spine and the massage elements are located in four zones. The tightening mechanisms in each zone connect to each other and evenly distribute the pressure on the spine on both sides. Therefore, your back muscles will not be loaded on one side only and there will be no spinal imbalance.

The massage elements in the brace are arranged alternately, providing a higher acupressure effect. Massage elements cover not only the paravertebral muscles or the muscles around the spine, but also the lateral muscles. This results in better muscle blood flow and higher therapeutic efficacy.

83% of our customers confirm that using the brace regularly, back pain reduces or disappears totally.

When using Dr Mertens’ innovations brace regularly and for a long time, it not only relieves back pain, tones muscles and improves comfort, but also saves your time and money by replacing other back pain-relieving procedures such as physiotherapy, massage courses or painkillers.

Dr Mertens’ innovations back brace is suitable for anyone who has experienced temporary or prolonged back pain and feels back muscle tension.

When using Dr Mertens’ innovations brace for the first time, we recommend using the acupressure brace for no more than two hours if you wear it without interruption. You can also use the acupressure brace several times a day, with an interval of at least five hours between uses.

Having learnt the positive properties of the brace, the duration of its continuous application can be extended according to individual indications.

Also, when using the brace for the first time, we recommend not to stretch the tightening mechanisms, but to increase the tightening gradually over a period of about two weeks, to adjust the tightening position of the fastening that suits you best.

The tightening mechanisms of the acupressure brace allow you to select your individual and pleasing tightening intensity, thus controlling the interaction between the brace and the body.

You will get the best experience when applying Dr Mertens’ innovations acupressure brace on a naked body or thin clothing.

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7 reviews for Lumbosacral ACUPRESSURE OCTOPUS (Black)

  1. Osvalds

    “I had back surgery. Now I put my brace around so I can walk myself. I can only walk without the brace if someone helps me.”

  2. Ritvars

    “I play hockey at an amateur level and the back load is high. A colleague at work gave me a try on a brace to relieve back strain after a lot of physical activity. I bought my brace the same week and now I wear it regularly.”

  3. Anastasija

    “As a mom to a baby, I really appreciate this brace, which relieves my back pain on a daily basis and allows me to go for long walks.”

  4. Uģis

    “I didn’t believe my back pain could go away, but my wife gave me the belt on my birthday, so I agreed to try it. Now I wear it every day, both at work and at home, and my back doesn’t hurt any more. Great!”

  5. Aleksandrs

    “The belt helps me work without pain.”

  6. Zane

    “Working in the office and for up to ten hours at the computer had made my daily life almost impossible due to the pain which I felt in the lumbar region, but after a few days of applying Dr Mertens’ brace, I caught myself thinking that I was no longer in pain. It made me smile.”

  7. Anna

    “I love the massage and the brace design the most.”

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