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Thoracic-shoulder ACUPRESSURE OCTOPUS (Beige)

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The dynamic 4-zone Acupressure Octopus is designed for the chest-shoulder area. Helps reduce pain in the back chest and relieve tension in the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Helps maintain a physiologically correct posture. Improves blood circulation in the trapezium. Relieves muscle tension and physiological stress.

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The technology used in the device relieves tension in the upper back muscles, enhances blood microcirculation and relieves pain.

Acupressure Octopus helps to restore the correct posture. On the sides of the device there is a special mechanism with which you can adjust the degree of tension, which allows you to maintain the correct posture.

We recommend purchasing a thoracic and shoulder Acupressure Octopus in the following cases:

  • With prolonged pain in the thoracic back.
  • With tension in the muscles of the shoulders.
  • In the presence of sports or household microtrauma.
  • In the process of rehabilitation after injuries, indirectly related to the imbalance of the muscle tone of the thoracic spine.
  • For preventive purposes, the corset can be used even if the back does not hurt, but it is necessary to keep the muscles in good shape and improve overall well-being.

Users of the Acupressure Octopus claim to use the device daily. In addition, they note that the therapeutic effect of the Acupressure Octopus is felt after a couple of hours.

For best long-lasting results, wear Acupressure Octopus daily for about 6-8 weeks.

As a preventive measure, wear a corset even if you do not experience back pain and muscle tension – wear an Acupressure Octopus to relax and rejuvenate.


Elements that support the core, and massage elements are located in four zones. The tension mechanisms of each zone are interconnected and evenly distribute the pressure on the back from both sides. This avoids asymmetrical stress on the back muscles and imbalance of the spine.

Acupressure elements in the corset are arranged alternately, thereby providing a stronger acupressure effect. Acupressure elements cover not only the paravertebral muscles, that is, the muscles located near the spine, but also the lateral muscles, which improves the blood supply to the muscles and has a higher therapeutic effect.

Regular and long-term use of the Acupressure Octopus will not only reduce back pain, tone muscles and improve well-being, but will also save you time and money by replacing other back pain treatments such as physical therapy, therapeutic massage or pain medication.

Acupressure Octopus for the thoracic-shoulder zones is suitable for those who experience temporary or long-term back pain and tension in the back muscles.

The acupressure elements increase blood circulation in the upper body, thereby creating a pleasant feeling of warmth during movement. At the same time, the Acupressure Octopus lightweight material provides much-needed air circulation without causing perspiration. The thermal effect in the back area remains for some time even after the removal of the device.

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